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Summer Camps at the Studio – A Fun-Filled Experience for Kids

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Summer Camps at the studio this year were super amazing! We love filling the studio with laughter, creativity, positive vibes, and new friends. The kids stepped out of their comfort zones by trying new activities, sharing their ideas, and sometimes being the center of attention.

In June, the theme was "Willy Wonka". Our art activities were created with candy on the brain. We made 3D Foam Cakes, Picasso Portraits, Textured Candyscapes, and more. My personal favorite was making slime and playing with a child-sized amount of slime (Baymax) with the whole group.

In July, the theme was "Under the Stars," where all activities revolved around camping. The photo booth and faux campfire really set the atmosphere. I LOVED playing chubby bunny and was surprised at how many giant marshmallows these kids could fit in their mouths! We made a ton of art from 3D Smore's to painted Tentscapes and Neon Aurora Borealis.

To finish our camps, we turned the studio into a tropical island! We played an awesome Luau-inspired playlist and really got down to painting! From Fancy Feathered Flamingos to Salty Pineapples and water balloon tossing we crammed as much as we could in our time together.

We want to thank our community for supporting At Easel Art by sending us your kids! Each child is so special, and we loved sharing these experiences with them. We wish you all the best as the last days of Summer end.

Coming up next is Hogwarts Open Studio on Saturday, October 14th! We will continue to have Christmas Camp, Spring Break Camp, and a monthly Parent's Night Out is in the works!

Thanks again, and have a great start to the new school year!

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