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It's Raining it's Pouring...

Hello Everyone! I am so excited that Fall has finally arrived! I just love the sound of rain hitting the roof and the beautiful changing colors. Whatever cold was going around came around to me! Last week was spent recovering, resting, and imagining what the new Christmas paintings would be. Here is a sneak peak at our newest 2023 Christmas design: "Merry Christ-MOOSE"

I had so much fun picking just the right expression. I love him! I have 2 more designs up my sleeve that I am actively painting this week.

Up next at the Studio is our first Kids Paint Night Plus+ /Parent's Night Out. I am really looking forward to hanging out with some awesome kids from our community. We will be painting some Mario Bro's designs, watching the new movie of course! Sal's Wonder Dogs will be in the studio making it smell so good for dinner and I'll be making our movie theatre style popcorn too. We have been collecting fun board games and group game activities as well. It should be a pretty fun evening for everyone. Now I'm thinking up the theme for the next one in October. Right now it's TBD. Check out these cute Mario inspired designs for the kids to paint:

I'll leave you with an art tip here: "Don't be Afraid of Making Bad Art". It's so true. When you hold back out of fear you'll never know what could have been. Maybe it will be a disaster? Maybe it will turn out better than you thought possible. Just try. Have fun in the exploration of your artistic expression. You may end up creating a technique that can be used again and again resulting in your style. The great thing about learning to paint with acrylics is that you can change it. Once it dries you can always make adjustments or start again. I have found so so much joy in just letting go of expectation and control. Have I made some bad bet!

Coming up for the adults is our next Paint and Potluck at the studio. We will be painting "Pretty Lil Pumpkins"

This one is Friday Oct 6 at 6:30. Sign up under the events section of the website. Hope to see you there!


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