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It's Fall Y'all! #paintpartypalooza

Hello Everyone! Michelle here with At Easel Art. It has been a CRAZ-AY few weeks in the studio. We have had so many fun parties and activities. I have had so much fun in fact, that I caught the cold that's been going around. If the studio looks quiet this last week it's because I have been recovering here at home. I'm re-charging and getting ready for the next run of events!

Last week we kicked off our Homeschool Art Group with a study on Vincent Van Gogh. The studio was filled with eager learners, laughter, creativity, and one kiddo's magical giggle. Her laugh just filled my heart with joy! We painted Starry Night and had a blast! Another thing that warmed my heart was seeing siblings working so well together and making memories.

Next month we will be learning about Justin Gaffrey and his super textured paint. The kids will use palette knives and texture paste to create abstract pumpkins. Check out the events tab and scroll down to register.

Speaking of pumpkins....we had our first Paint and Potluck of the season. We painted a very moody pumpkin. The crowd was really in the zone at times...which means that they were quiet and I was holding back from telling some very dry jokes to liven them up a bit!

Our next Studio Paint & Potluck is coming up Friday OCT 6th at 6:30. We will be painting a wheelbarrow of pumpkins and we'd love to have you! We have had some pretty awesome birthdays this past weekend as well!

Harper had an Ultimate Splash Experience! They started out painting portraits of "Lay Lay" and then suited up for a paint fight. It was an abundance of positive energy! Awesomeness!

The week before all this fun we had an Ultimate Slime Lab Experience! We celebrated Maddie's birthday and made lot's of slimes. I had a YouTube education on slime making since this was our first real slime party. I think it was a hit and we are keeping it as a party option! Here is a slideshow that shows a bit. Until next week...keep creative and I wish you all health and joy!


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